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Undergraduate Student Billing Worksheet - Fall 2024/Spring 2025
This worksheet is a tool to estimate the cost of your Goucher attendance.

Per Year
Per Semester
  • Full-time: 12-18 credits = $53,100.00/year ($26,550.00/semester)
  • Over full-time limit: 18+ credits = $53,100.00/year + $1,770.00 per credit/per semester
  • Part-time: Less than 12 credits = $1,770.00/per credit/per semester
Credit Hours:  
Mandatory Fees  
Student Activity Fee = $125.00/semester  
Part Time Student Fee = $15.00/credit
Health insurance = TBD (you may waive this charge if you have comparable coverage)

Room Damage Deposit = $175.00/yr
Meal Plans (Mandatory for residents)
Note: Meal plans and dining facility hours are subject to change.

Total Charges: (A)   
Per Year
Per Semester
Previous Term Credit Balance
+ Enrollment/Housing Deposits Credited
Note: Work Study earnings are not applied directly to the Student Billing Account.
Less: Amount Awards and Aid
Amount entered is:
Institutional Awards/Merit Awards
Goucher Grant/Sellinger
SEOG Grant
Pell Grant
Maryland grants or scholarships
Subsidized Loan estimate (net 1.057% fee)
Unsubsidized Loan estimate (net 1.057% fee)
PLUS Loan estimate (net 4.228% fee)
Awards and aid are distributed evenly by semester    
Total Credits: (B)   
Per Year
Per Semester
Total Balance Due: (A-B)   
Name      Student ID     Prepared by
Date of estimate: 4/21/2024
Select view for semester totals (Note: one-time year fee N/A for commuters)