Goucher Dance Early Arrival Program
Registration 2018

Wednesday, August 15 - Tuesday, August 21

Note: You must have your Goucher ID number and your Goucher email account available to complete this form.

For new students, your Goucher ID number is the 9 digit number that begins with "00". You must set up your Goucher email account in the New Student Portal.

For returning students, your Goucher ID number is printed on the front of your college One Card.

All students, please get into the habit of checking your Goucher email frequently throughout the summer months. This is how important program information will be shared!

First name:
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Zip code:
Goucher email:
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Class level for 2018/2019 academic year:

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1. Student type

2. Registration Type Tuition Meals Total Fees
$180 $75 $255
$180 $75 $255
$180 Lunch only $40 $220
2. Registration Type Tuition Meals Total Fees
$315 $75 $390
$315 Lunch only $40 $355
$180 $100 $280
$180 $70 $250

Please note: All students' pre-paid college meal plans will begin the morning of Saturday, August 18. Prior program meals will include dinner the evening of Wednesday, August 15 and 3 meals per day for Thursday, August 16 and Friday, August 17.

Returning students:
Current level of Technique Placement


New Students (no prior Goucher technique placement)
The below information will be used to tentatively place you in classes for EAP classes only. Official, mandatory dance department placement classes will be held on Sunday, August 19, as part of new student orientation, to determine your college course placements in ballet, modern, and africanist technique.

How many classes/week do you typically attend?

Academic interests
List area(s) of academic interests beyond dance.

List any hobbies or interest you would like us to know about.